I have been asked by many people to help with Steampunk fashion. I like to forward them to sites that I believe will answer their question. I have since realized that, all me selfish, I could help them and I more. I was planning on doing more writing on Steampunk and fashion Uploading site and thoughts and other thing. There are some questions that get asked a lot in the community that always get the same response form the same people. If there was one place to find it, that would be easier for everyone.

Now Steampunk fashion is a lot like steampunk its self. I believe that Steampunk is an anachronistic (Definition in Webster dictionary One that is out of its proper or chronological order, especially a person or practice that belongs to an earlier time) subculture. Based on esthetics from anywhere from the Industrial Revolution to the 20’s. Some Steampunks look to reinstate that time periods moral and etiquette views while leaving behind the ideas of racism, sexism and classes that is prevalent of that time.  In my mind it is acting with some decorum and dignity toward yourself and others. It is the lack of moral and respect for one another that most steampunk try and rectify. This is what I am going off on.

What is a Steamistas

–       A Steamistas are very little like their predecessor the fashonista.  They are a person male or female that is well rounded in not only Steampunk fashion (which this blog is mostly about). They must know of Props, literature, music, and society. I am not claiming to be an expert in all of these aspects (just fashion). To compensate for this once a month we will be asking a person who is versed in the field of dissection.