Redfield for Mayor Of Steampunk city Tuesday, Jan 10 2012 

Now I know I have been posting a lot of Advertisements recently. This is very important thou. If you have a facebook account I would encourage you to vote, for me of course but if you can’t then remember the time and come and visit it will be very fun

Steamdriven showing Thursday, Aug 25 2011 

Steamdriven showing – I hear it was amazing. I was invited as the Costume designer and consultant but I had to work… booo work .

What is steampunk (TROLL) Saturday, Jul 23 2011 

I have been really busy this month with unexpected work (good unexpected work) so I am sorry I have not been that up to date with my article.  This is a TROLL which means it is not true and not meant to be taken seriously but I think it is worth reading and laughing at. Remember this  is a TROLL and it not true or trust worthy. 

Problem and solution Monday, Jun 20 2011 

we had a problem with my last writer about Post Apoc. there will eventually be a article to finish this set but you will just have to wait. Also to my shame I don’t have anything to post today. I will work on it tonight and post it tomorrow. We do have one person that gave me his view of steampunk so we can let you look at that.

I have to add to the line about COMMUNITY. It’s the Community that adds the greatest amount of pleasure and wonder to my experience…and the fact that I will refuse to accept any rules on just what IS Steampunk.
I too am a product of the 1950′s and 1960′s. I grew up under the growth of the Civil Rights Movement, and the expansion of the protest against the power of Government and it’s controls for false purposes…which lately seems to be growing as many weak-kneed types clamor for assurance that ‘this can all stop’, that their world is changing too fast, and in uncomfortable ways.

It is the unending variety in Steampunk that makes it work for me. I frankly do not have a great deal of imagination in some respects (my Genius is weak in areas), and rely on others for ideas and inspiration.

I also approve of the general air of GENTILITY among Steampunks, as Courtesy is the Lubricant of Society. Courtesy costs nothing, and assures less social friction…although there ARE some out there that insist in having the world ‘Their Way’.
To that end I encourage a bit more Anarchy, and let them wander about confused…it’s good for ‘em.
As I have commented before, even the Villains I have encountered have been polite (“I’m sorry Miss, but I really must lash you to the tracks now…the 3:45 is due and I don’t want to be late.”). It’s this and other things that encourage me.

And it’s the ability of others. I have taught, and learned form, Steampunks of all ages.
The Sheer WEIGHT of ingenuity that is represented continues to stagger me.

So YES, ask 100 Steampunks what it means, and you will get 100 different answers.
It also follows that you ask THIS Steampunk what it is 100 times, and I will probably give you 100 different answers.

Age means NOTHING to me in Steampunk. It is the OPPORTUNITY to engage that is the thing. I see people of all ages, pre-teen to doddering oldster joining in the Movement, and know they are all learning, teaching, being part of it.
PHYSICAL ABILITY means nothing in Steampunk. Wheelchair-bound or stuck at home on the computer, all are part of the Whole.
The only thing age brings to me is a defined character/sense of self, and experience in some Worldly matters. However, the wisdom of age also tells me that I have not experience it all, that much is happening/has happened without my knowing, and my sense of wonder keeps me reaching.
“Wisdom comes from Experience. Experience comes from Lack of Wisdom.”

A recent television show on the so-called “Warrior Gene” shows that while Heredity does have an effect, it also shows that Environment and CHOICE is just as great, if not greater, an influence.
This is why I am here.

Yours Grimm