I love savers don’t get me wrong I go there atleast twice a week but really. Now if anyone showed up to anything with real steampunks looking like this you would get laughed out of the party. For one thing it is just insulting to those who are actually steampunks. Lets go down the line and see what is wrong and what is right with this “Steampunk outfit “

Pros: It is not just brown, it actually has no brown in it… good Job

Pros : Men let me introduce you to the fitted coat. Make nice and wear them more often.

Pros : They tell you on the back to be creative …. I CANNOT  STRESS THIS ENOUGH

Cons: I enjoy that pants that fit are now called tight, but if they added a stripe it would make me happier.

Cons: Do you know how hard it is for a man to find a fitted long coat? (usually you should just look for a woman’s coat, it would be faster)

Cons: I would rather see a nice vest than a fitted coat (it will help with the ascot or cravat )

Con: Ascot or cravat, not a tie in any way even a scarf would be better.

Con: Choose either a top hat or goggles not both (sometimes it is good but it is pretty over done)

Cons: don’t use a Maverick ( over done )

Cons: Antique tools…. Really? No… well sometimes

Cons: NO HANDLE BAR MOUSTACHE- if you have one great, if you don’t, just no. Unless you are this guy:

Now I would never leave you like this. This month we are going though the catalogue of steampunk Halloween costumes to tell you how to make it yourself.