Redfield for Mayor Of Steampunk city Tuesday, Jan 10 2012 

Now I know I have been posting a lot of Advertisements recently. This is very important thou. If you have a facebook account I would encourage you to vote, for me of course but if you can’t then remember the time and come and visit it will be very fun

Steampunk Form and Faction Saturday, Nov 12 2011 

Steampunk: form and faction.

Charles River Museum. Waltham Mass  

This are show is for the Artist. There are one or two piece for the unschooled and definitely interesting to look at. I feel the one place the organizer went wrong was to make is a competition among artist. I could be bias because I did not win, not even an honorable mention, for the only piece of wearable art in the whole competition part of the show. It does not help that the space is not conducive to an art show. The opening was on Halloween, which was a good idea normally but on the other hand it was on a Monday. It was also after the huge October snowstorm so most of us did not have power in New England.   The party put on by Dr. Grymm Laboratories was very good, there were jack o lanterns, scary music, good lighting cobwebs and lots of food.

One of the Attendies, Katherine Zheng
to the show took this picture of my work : 

Halloween Masquerade ball Saturday, Nov 12 2011 

Halloween Masquerade Ball (steampunk bizarre)

Mark twain house Hartford CT

A generally fun event. You could tell the non-steampunks cause they where dressed as steampunks and the people who are all ways steampunk wore different costumes.

Steampunk Bizarre Saturday, Nov 12 2011 

Steampunk Bizarre opening

Mark Twain House Hartford Ct

A fun and exiting art show and opening, the camaraderie was evident among the artists and makes a very cohesive show lead by the esteemed Dr. Grymm, of Dr Grymm Laboratories. The Bizzare on the whole is very, very friendly and not pretentious at all. You do not need a degree in art to understand the artists view point and story they are telling. This is a wonderful show for people of all ages and is a really good stepping stone for children to look at art and be introduced to the art world.  If you wish to see the exhibition please call the Mark Twain House the exhibition will be up till January 15th

And of corse yours truly is in this show.

Picture taken by Babs who takes pictures  

The great New England Stemapunk Exhibition Saturday, Nov 12 2011 

under construction

SELLING NEW YORK Thursday, Aug 25 2011 

Selling New York – HGTV has a television show called Selling New York. They contacted a friend of mine Dr. Grymm, from Grymm Laboratories, to throw a party for some high-end mortgage brokers at a steampunk-themed apartment on 29th Street in New York. Twenty Steampunks were invited to see the apartment first hand, show the brokers what steampunk is and to answer any questions they might have. It was a wonderful space in an average New York neighborhood. The person that would love this apartment has to have very specific taste and 1.75 million dollars. I enjoyed some parts and others not so much, but there was a lot to recommend. I am also not used to city living. We were all discussing that it would be one of those apartments that you buy and then rent for parties but living there would be hard.


Times Daily 

Core talk 

1000 steampunk creations Thursday, Aug 25 2011 

1000 steampunk Creations book signing – This is a great book, though yours truly is not in it. The images are amazing there are some really great ideas and if there is something you really like there is a contact index in the back. It lets you see the steampunk world from a lot of different angles.

Before the signing there was a little social time where the big topic of discussion was the convention that will be in Fitchburg called the Great New England Steampunk Exposition.  We took our seats for a two hour panel about the book creation and some of the artist involved, as well as announcements on upcoming projects and events.

Conneticon Thursday, Aug 25 2011 

Conneticon– Wonderful as always but when you are doing it for 35 years you should know what you are doing. One of the only things I would have liked was if they had had healthier meal choices, after two cheeseburgers and three slices of pizza you just want a salad. Also, just a planning fluke and no ones fault, it was the same weekend as the fireworks at riverfront. Hence the traffic was awful on Saturday and all the restaurants had an hour wait, unless their cheapest meal was a 25$ salad. The Panels I heard only good things about. I only got to one because I was in the artist colony selling items. I did really well and sold almost everything so it is a good place to sell.

All in all, lots of fun costumes and events, and totally worth the price.

Steampunk World’s Faire Tuesday, May 24 2011 

… it was something different. There were big problems with organization, with the size of the hotel and the weather, but the attendees made it fun and exciting because we were there to have fun. If you were going to go on one day it would have to have been Saturday. The vendors were settled back down from being moved around, the weather was nice until 8 pm, and events were going off pretty close to on schedule. Things were going on everywhere and people were recovered from traveling as far as Texas. Maybe next year it will be better, but I can recommend going and having a good weekend.

A good friend of mine was nice enough to collect images form the fashion show and the story that was supposed to be told on her website so click here to see it 

International Steampunk City Monday, May 9 2011 

In the end it was a good idea that was not well organized. I was only there for one day because of work but I don’t think things changed much over both days. Now let me start by saying it’s a good idea, they took part of own town and made it a place that was welcome to vendors from all over New England. They got the surround businesses involved in the day as well. The bands were great, the mixtures of things that are historical, steampunk and crafty were interesting.

Now here is the problem, some of the vendors were on the 5th floor of a bank building that was closed at 3 and you needed a key card to get to the 5th floor. Some of the people on the 5th floor were big names in vendors that should have been placed in a more highly trafficked area. Other less interesting and less creative vendors were placed with more prominence .  The burlesque show was in a small room… which was fine but it was in the middle of a maze of halls that I did not know was there. The movie screening was not all that close to anything and no one know that it was going on. The website was hard to navigate and the schedule was even harder.  I know this would have been hard to do, but the streets were still open to traffic which made it hard to walk places. It rained a little but that is no ones fault and unavoidable.

The events in the park, construction site and visitor center were fun and well organized, the outfits were amazing and it was well advertised on local news, steampunk sites and Facebook

article dealing with event can be seen here . More Articles to come

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