To the person who just stumbled onto my website. If you are reading this you have reached the home page to my website, good for you! I hope that you will enjoy looking through my work as much as I enjoyed making it. My career is split into two sections, theater and fashion. I have worked in both for about 3 years. In the theater I have run the gambit of jobs as a stitcher, draper, dresser and designer. In fashion I have only worked as a designer but as I also make what I design I have been a stitcher, draper, cuter and dresser for the many fashion shows I have been in.
As to my style, that is hard to say and no one can really put their finger on what it is I do. It is mix of new and old, masculine and feminine, plain, strong lines and frilly. The only thing that everyone can agree on in is that it is a consistent style that stands out and is a good representation of me. As a worker I am always considered an asset to any team with in theater or in fashion. I have been called by many a human sounding board. I like brainstorming in a group or listening to ideas and throwing them back with the twist that will make them new and exciting. Have fun! If there are any problems or you are interested in anything on the website please contact me at  You can find me at on facebook or Flicker with the user name kepaterwic