Here is just a quick thought to hold you over, within the steampunk community if you need to say Steampunk then you need to work harder on what ever it is. Now I suck at writing but I was reading a book that claimed to be a steampunk book but the only thing that told me it was steampunk was the fact that everything was called Steampunk aka “ steampunk car, steampunk street lights and so on”. For a subculture that was based on literature… really use that extensive vocabulary.

In the case of clothing it is the same; One, unless your friends don’t know what steampunk is and they ask you what are you supposed to be…Or two, you take off your goggles and maverick, look in the mirror and look like a Victorian, Goth or out of style by less then 70 years. Take another look at what you are doing always upgrade and replace as a friend often says . Take more time, don’t jump into Steampunk ‘cause your friends are doing it. Steampunk is about being you and being creative. There are other ways to do it, if Steampunk isn’t your thing. I would say if you do it twice and are not really into it then don’t do it. If your friends are your friends they will understand and still be there, even if you realize you are a hipster… we can’t all be perfect. And I can not stress enough Stemapunk Kits… don’t do it