Steampunk: form and faction.

Charles River Museum. Waltham Mass  

This are show is for the Artist. There are one or two piece for the unschooled and definitely interesting to look at. I feel the one place the organizer went wrong was to make is a competition among artist. I could be bias because I did not win, not even an honorable mention, for the only piece of wearable art in the whole competition part of the show. It does not help that the space is not conducive to an art show. The opening was on Halloween, which was a good idea normally but on the other hand it was on a Monday. It was also after the huge October snowstorm so most of us did not have power in New England.   The party put on by Dr. Grymm Laboratories was very good, there were jack o lanterns, scary music, good lighting cobwebs and lots of food.

One of the Attendies, Katherine Zheng
to the show took this picture of my work :