I am sorry that I have not been able to post over the last month after working two jobs in theater, the last thing a really want to do is type up a paper. As you can tell writing is not my strong suit, sure I have had hand written papers on subjects but not really for public consumption.
We have much to cover so let me get started. I was at a book signing this weekend which will hear about in the events portion of this website, along with the rundown of Connecitcon.
One of the many topics under discussion was how to dress as a steampunk in the summer months. Now here in New England we have 4 seasons and this might not apply to people in the South. Here we have no idea what to do. I am here to help.

Phase 1-abandon the outfits made of wool, velvet, polyester, and Acrylic and most of clothing with a lining. You want a fabric that breathes like cotton and linen. Be warned thought these fabrics wrinkle a great deal and you will need to iron them.
Phase 2- get rid of the constrictive clothing (this is mostly for woman). Things like Jackets, coats, long pants, and many layered skirts, Yes that does include corsets. Now ladies don’t jump down my throat. I am a big fan of the corset and would rather wear one than not and there is only one way to wear them in the summer if you are desperate.
1- wear as little under or over it a possible
2- if you are still dead set on wearing one, you will need baby powder. The powder will wick the moisture away from the body and prevent chaffing under and round the corset.
Phase3 the more skin the better- Now normally I oppose this theory. In my head I see it this way. You are not trying to be sexy so much as trying not to faint.

Thing of these things while coming up with a summer outfit
Men’s  attire
Put the vest aside and use suspenders
Laborer – miner
Dock worker
Chemist or explosion expert (shirt sleeves and a apron)
Bather (a Victorian day at the beach)

Women’s attire
Just plan Victorian under garments
Tom boy
Street urchin
Steampunk Lolita ( I do it a little different, I wear long skirts and flip flops)

Phase 4 leave the hat on the stand and go with a parasol
It is the reverse theory than that of wearing a hat in the winter. Your hat holds heat and like the corset sweat gathers in the head band and it can chafe. Woman will want to wear their hair up off their necks to let the breeze at there it. We also have
a lovely invention called sunscreen.
Phase 5 drop the macho persona. I hear all that time “but my character would not wear that”. Excuse my French but don’t be a macho ass. (I say macho because I find this more with men then woman). Sometime it does not fit in their story line that they currently have. You can look at this form two angles. One is to make the summer look a younger version. When the captain was a cabin boy, the engineer was a mechanic or the Scientist was a lab assistant. Two Just suck it up and don’t complain.