We have just gone over what Steampunk  is but what is not steampunk

Here is the problem, just by saying “ this is not steampunk” it makes you not steampunk. We hate to admit that something that someone calls steampunk is not. We hate to judge but in a subculture there has to be an us and them. But we hate to say that there is as us and them. In my head I split them up into categories Those who don’t know what steampunk is: This group is are full of people who just don’t know that steampunk is about , they don’t research what it means to be a steampunk. I was at a pop culture convention where I was asked to round up some people for a talk about steampunk in the media. I walked up on a couple lying on the floor and told them to come to a steampunk lecture. Their reaction was “what is steampunk?”… really but you are…. Really. There is also the group that just does not understand that it is not just one opinion, usually they are looking at one particular group that is totally wrong and is a great segue to my next group. Steampunk is not just a fashion, aesthetic, writing, art, a way of acting, it is a creative state of mind where you take modern things and make them more interesting and more creative. Those who are just in for the money: There is a very popular group that controls most of the newcomers opinion of what steampunk is, they are much more Neo-Victorian then steampunk. Unfortunately this group is much more into making money off of their image. They play favorites and don’t care about if they do good work. Now another example of this I saw at a event. It was a vendor selling those cheep pre-packaged plastic costumes you find at Halloween stores. Now unless you are planning to modify them I suggest you stay away from these stores. Here I am sure you are thinking hypocrite, you make costumes and sell them. I would prefer for a person to have an idea about what they want and then just have me build it, rather than buying something generic off the rack. I have no problem talking to a person that has a general idea and wants to make it more concrete. The ready to wear things that I make are one of a kind and ideas that come to my head and I need to get them out.