What to buy on line and what not too, these are only suggestions but in a subculture where individuality is key these are some ways to do it.

I suggest making your own clothes. I am not crazy, let me explain before you start in on me, I am going to tell you a secret I am a seamstress but I did not make most of my clothing and I will not make a white button up shirt cause you can go anywhere and get one for 5 bucks.

If you don’t know how to sew, you should start learning. Small things are good to start out with vests, arm warmers, leg warmer, Boot cuffs and covers and cravats they also have great tutorials on thread bangers .

This is easy and I will get more into it in another article where I tell you how to do it, the fun and easy way. These things will make your outfit yours. Try not get everything at one place and wear them together. Try not to make it a big piece that everyone will know the source of like the steampunk arm. 

I have seen great forums for people making armor out of foam and you can never tell like blind squirrel props and the rpf.

I suggest that a person looking for a costume try a thrift store or consignment. Start there and alter them, it is easier than building from scratch. As a teacher of mine once said, touch everything. He was talking about paint but that same thing applies here, put your own spin on everything, don’t use it like you bought it. Every little detail counts.

I would buy small things from retailers. Hair, jewelry and shoes, hats and nick-nacks, all are possibilities. When searching online, don’t use Steampunk as a keyword. The problem with using it in the search is that since the scene has exploded there are a lot of things out there that are either not steampunk or are far more expensive then they should be ‘cause they know they will sell. There are websites devote to this stuff  called Regretsy, it is pretty funny take some time to see what I mean.

These are just some idea to think of while you are working on our personas for Steampunk World Fair and though I did not say this the most important thing is to have fun. Not having fun= not doing it right. Next weeks paper will be our first guest writer, the Emperor of the Red Fork Empire, one of the most well know persona in the steampunk sphere.

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