In the end it was a good idea that was not well organized. I was only there for one day because of work but I don’t think things changed much over both days. Now let me start by saying it’s a good idea, they took part of own town and made it a place that was welcome to vendors from all over New England. They got the surround businesses involved in the day as well. The bands were great, the mixtures of things that are historical, steampunk and crafty were interesting.

Now here is the problem, some of the vendors were on the 5th floor of a bank building that was closed at 3 and you needed a key card to get to the 5th floor. Some of the people on the 5th floor were big names in vendors that should have been placed in a more highly trafficked area. Other less interesting and less creative vendors were placed with more prominence .  The burlesque show was in a small room… which was fine but it was in the middle of a maze of halls that I did not know was there. The movie screening was not all that close to anything and no one know that it was going on. The website was hard to navigate and the schedule was even harder.  I know this would have been hard to do, but the streets were still open to traffic which made it hard to walk places. It rained a little but that is no ones fault and unavoidable.

The events in the park, construction site and visitor center were fun and well organized, the outfits were amazing and it was well advertised on local news, steampunk sites and Facebook

article dealing with event can be seen here . More Articles to come