So let me start this entry by just saying that not all these articles that will deal with persona building. This question seems to be growing because people are getting ready for Steampunk World Faire. It is coming up at the end of this month. Many people who are attending are trying to tighten up their personas for this event. I have done many lectures and consultations on persona building. Once people have an interest and a name their next question should be what to wear, if you are not that earlier person that has it already.

I just want to say think broadly on a persona, don’t be afraid to be a teacher, fisherman, or chimney sweep. Lucretia from the Wandering legion of the Thomas Tew loves to cook. She took that and decided that she should be a chef. (How wasn’t that easy). Now let us keep going using her as a model. For the sake of simplifying and not getting newbies confused we will ignore the cultural significance of her outfit (that is another whole article and more). She is a chef, what is the thing that screams chef? That double breasted coat. We thank her and will use her as an example soon where we talk about making and buying costume piece.

If you are something like a scientist you will probably want to wear clothes that can be cleaned easily cause you are going to get dirty, when your latest experiment blows up, Where as a professor is probably not going to work so much outside in the dirt, he or she will be able to wear nicer clothes then a scientist. Thing about what you are going. Can you do it in these clothes? Is this something that will need to be cleaned often? Do you need to run? Oh yhea think about it, if you need to run you don’t want a long skirt with a bustle, or something that will rip easy if you fall. Do you need pockets or do you need a bag cause you have so much stuff?