Let’s start with one of the most asked questions I have come across.


Definition: a plural personas [New Latin, from Latin] : an individual’s social facade or front that especially in the analytic psychology of C. G. Jung reflects the role in life the individual is playing

-Webster dictionary

Some people have them some don’t, but either is ok. This field gets crossed with costume a lot. They can be one in the same but don’t have to be. Some people work through a costume/ outfit, others take a more text based (like me) then build off of that. BOTH ARE OK and some times you can mix the two. What you will see a lot of people who ask “ I have a________, _________, and ________, what should I be?” You will get a lot of advice from different people. This is one of the hardest questions (Unless you have one piece that screams I am a _________), it is such a broad question, the one good thing about steampunk is that you can be anything, do what ever you want. If this is what you are thinking of asking try another route.

My first question is “ what do you like to do; What are your interests?” This question might be where you should start? It sounds like you have a look already.

Form your interest choose a profession. It does not have to be a real profession. Take Miss Kitty- her job is Imperial tea hostess. There was never a Imperial Tea Hostess, this is not her normal job, but she loves tea so ta-da Imperial Tea Hostess.

Miss Kitty’s tea at Steampunk World Fair